VEGANUARY: 5 Vegan Spots to Visit in London this January

In the past few years January has slowly turned into one of my favourite months. While the Christmas excitement may be long gone and the weather is slowly worsening, January has some real treats up its sleeve. One of those treats being Veganuary. Vegans may now be semi-cool and somewhat accepted but it can still be tough sometimes to find good options in most restaurants. However, Veganuary brings with it a weirdly open acceptance of all things vegan and a chance to branch out and find some new vegan gems!

  1. The Meet, Clapham North

    My first trip to The Meet in Clapham was for a pre-Christmas sunday roast. With two vegan roast options to choose from, this new joint did not disappoint. I love finding new spots around London to try and The Meet’s fully vegan menu was a real treat. The concept is based around plant-based comfort food combined with vegan cocktails - perfect match in my opinion. I actually welped a little with joy looking at their menu for the first time. From all-day vegan brunch, pancakes and four hearty vegan milkshakes to choose from, The Meet will satisfy vegans and non-vegans alike.


2. Blank, Brixton

We are all about finding a good ol’ vegan gem, and Blank is it. Isaak went along last week to sample their vegan sausage roll, he said it maybe even be better than Greggs (big words). Blank has a really friendly vibe to it, the owners are seriously great people and the food is delicious. This Veganuary, why not support smaller vegan businesses and give Blank a visit, you will leave with a smile on your face.

image1 (5).jpeg

3. Tibits, Picadilly

Tibits is an oldie but a goldie. Among my friendship group it is our go-to dinner spot. The atmosphere is chilled, the set-up is buffet-style (so no waiting around) and the food is amazing. If you’re new to veganism then Tibits is a great way to try it out. Most of the food is recognisable things you would probably eat as meat-eater, it’s just veganised. It’s also great if you and your friends all feel like different things, they have all kinds of cuisines to choose from. The price of your meal is done by weight so you can choose how much you spend. Note: Tibits is vegetarian so you will have to check the tags on the food to know what’s fully vegan.


4. Wicked Vegan, Balham

If you’re doing Veganuary then there’s a few vegan specials you have to try at least once. Jackfruit is one of those things, and Wicked Vegan’s ‘Wicked Jackfruit’ Burger is a good introduction. If you’re looking for epic food made from scratch then this is the place for it. From vegan wings to mac n’ cheese, if you’re missing some comfort food staples throughout veganuary then you now know where to find the vegan versions! Note: Wicked Vegan is closed on Mondays.


5. 222 Vegan Cuisine

222 is the gem of all gems. I adore this place and wish I lived closer to it (although then all my money would be spent on take-away 222). Ben, the owner and head chef of 222, has created a delicious menu of superbly made dishes - from the best stir fry I have ever had to an insane mushroom stroganoff. To add, this place has a stellar reputation - I remember going here with friends once and overhearing a couple tell Ben they travelled over from Europe just to try his food. If you want to spend some cash on a damn good meal then make this one it.


Happy Veganuary Friends!

Peace & Love 🌱

Lassy & The Fox